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Attic Kantharos


Attic Kantharos



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Greek, Athens
320-280 BC

Black-glazed vessel with ribbed body. The low pedestal foot with double molding. The vertical handles are combined with flat spurs at top. For the same shape cf. lot no. 53 in: J. Hayes. Greek and Italian Black-Gloss Wares in the Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto 1984. For a closely related black-glazed cup, categorized as plain rim kantharos, cf. no. 711 in: B. Sparkes and L. Talcott. The Athenian Agora. Vol. 12. Black and Plain Pottery. Princeton, 1970.

Ceramic. H. 3.8 inches. D. 3.3 inches. W. over handles 16.4 inches. One spur reattached, otherwise intact. The grayish color suggests that the item was exposed to fire. Glaze pitted in places. Provenance: German auction house Schloss Ahlden, September 2007 sale.

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