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Egyptian Cone for Montuemhat, 25/26 Dynasty


Egyptian Cone for Montuemhat, 25/26 Dynasty



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Egyptian, reigns of Taharka and Psamtek I
675-648 BC

Stamped funerary cone with four horizontal registers reading: (1) The revered one before Osiris, (2) the fourth prophet of Amun, Montuemhat, justified; (3) his beloved wife, the king's acquaintance, the mistress of the house, (4) Nesykhonsu, justified. This type is registered as no. 419 in the Corpus of Davies/Macadam and coexists with further 14 types ascribed to the same owner. The wide range of cones discloses various family members of Montuemhat as well as a lot of additional titles such as hereditary noble, mayor of the city or governor of Upper Egypt. Montuemhat served during the reigns of Taharka and Psamtek I. His tomb is identified as TT 34 at El-Asasif.

Terracotta. D. 3.4 inches. L. 3.4 inches. Fair quality and condition. Reconstituted from two fragments. Small portion of the stamp missing. Core black, point missing. Ex collection of Dr. Ulrich Müller, Switzerland, acquired between 1968 and 1978. Literature: Davies, Norman de G. and Macadam, Miles F. L. 1957. A Corpus of Inscribed Egyptian Funerary Cones. Oxford. Stewart, Harry M. 1986. Mummy-Cases and Inscribed Funerary Cones in the Petrie Collection. Warminster. Zenihiro, Kento. 2009. The Complete Funerary Cones. Tokyo.

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