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Etruscan Genucilia Plate


Etruscan Genucilia Plate


Etruscan, Genucilia Group
300 BC

Etruscan plate decorated with a four pointed star on the shallow floor and dots in the interstices. The narrow bulged rim enhanced with five spiral waves. Rare variant of the plate on a low ring foot. The name of the pottery derives from a Faliscan or Latin lady named Poplia Genucilia, who was the owner of a similar plate which was inscribed with her name. For items from the Genucilia workshop cf. lots no. 316-319 in: Ines Stucker. Italy of the Etruscans. Exhibitions catalogue, Jerusalem 1991.

Ceramic. D. 5.3 inches. H. 1.2 inches. Intact. Fine condition. Encrusted surface and soil deposits in places. Provenance: Swiss private collection, in family possession before 1968.

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