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Etruscan Impasto Ware Kyathos


Etruscan Impasto Ware Kyathos



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700 BC

Imposing Villanovan kyathos with a broad bag-shaped body and slightly out curved rim. The handle is rendered with two flared tangs on top. Hand-modeled vase with a band of knobs running around the belly, a bulged line on the inward looking side of the strap handle. The kyathos reminds of examples from the Ansone Culture, which was located in Campania and formed part of the Villanova culture. Villanova burial rites were shared in the Etruscan main area and in certain Campanian regions, like Capua or Pontecagnano. The vase is photographed together with a smaller example of the same type.

Ceramic, Impasto ware. H. to handle 5.5 inches. H. to rim 4 inches. Intact and of pristine quality. Provenance: Swiss private collection in Zug, acquired 1985 in the Swiss market.

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